MyURemote Developer Page

Welcome to the MyURemote for GUI Developers (web designers)!


About MyURemote

MyURemote is a solution that allows you to control your electronic devices using your smartphone, tablet or PC. With MyURemote, you can control devices like

  • tv, blu-ray, …
  • sound devices, such as a Bose Lifestyle
  • domotics, such as a bTicino MyHome system
  • and much more

in fact, you could control anything that is accessible through

  • ir (anything with an infrared remote control)
  • serial
  • socket communication
  • ethernet

For ir and serial types of communication you need a device such as a GlobalCaché device (gc100 or iTach). The ir or serial signals are not created by your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The solution consists of

  • a web page, showing buttons, tabs and other html controls
  • a set of javascript components
  • the MyURemote app, which is a local http server on your device (smartphone, tablet, PC)
  • optionally a GlobalCaché device to communicate with devices using ir or serial signals

About this MyURemote Demo site

This Demo site is an example of a web page to be used together with the MyURemote app. I have put this web page online to give you an example of how things might be set up. In this documentation, I explain the elements that make up the web site :

  • the generic javascript components that are used to communicate with the MyURemote app. You could say that this contains part of the business logic.

These are part of the MyURemote solution, and should therefore be used by anyone creating a web site for a MyURemote setup.

  • my dedicated configuration, which is only valid for my situation : it describes the parameters of the devices in my setup. It can and will serve as an example of how to define a configuration.
  • my dedicated web site, which is probably only really useful at my own site, because the contents are more or less based on the devices that I own (buttons, tabs, …)
  • my dedicated javascript components, corresponding to the layout of my own site. These components are used to link user interface events to MyURemote commands. They belong to the presentation layer.

The Demo site is not generic. You will not be able to control your devices with it. It only serves as an example how you could create your own web pages. This site is also static. I did not intend, nor do I have the time, to create a dynamic web page supported by a database, that can be used by anyone.

The MyURemote standard loaded GUI is such a dynamically configurable interface. For more information, see our website at

There is another sample site here. This page just contains some elementary examples. You can use these examples in your configuration, provided you know the right parameters.

About this Help

This Help document will try to explain

  • how you can send specific commands using the javascript objects
  • how to create a configuration for your own situation
  • how the demo web page is set up

It will also provide a tutorial how you can create your own web site.