IOS universal remote control:

MyURemote is by far the best universal remote control app on the App Store:


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MyURemote turns your iOS device into a universal all-purpose remote control with a customisable and intuitive interface.

What makes MyURemote highly recommended?

    • Intuitive Interface with Live Feedback.
    • iPad (portrait – landscape) and iPhone interface.
    • Display for Volume, Power, Source and ID3/RDS feedback.
    • Direct TCP/IP – network control (smart devices).
    • Both home-automation and audio/video control in one app.
    • Easy and quick setup with an online configuration panel.
    • Control virtually any device (See note!).
    • Create your own macros and scenarios.
    • Add your favorite channel buttons and icons.
    • Highly customisable, and flexible.
    • No line of sight requirements.
    • Integrate network camera’s within the same interface.
    • Integrate complete 3rd party web-based applications.
    • Free technical superb (cloud based) support via email.
    • Advanced users can build their own web based interface without any restrictions.
    • All in one price!


    • Important!!! Most users’ systems need a hardware gateway to control consumer electronics that do not support direct network control. MyURemote is compatible with Global Caché. You can buy these worldwide: fi
    • •MyURemote keeps growing with changing technology and needs.
    • •Commands are sent directly to (smart) devices over IP or to a Global Caché controller for IR and RS232 commands.
    • •MyURemote is official Global Caché partner. (American leader in the control and automation industry.)
    • •MyURemote: developed by engineers with years of experience.
    • •MyURemote is tested and supported by many brand-engineers and Home Theatre technicians.

What’s New in this Version :

    • Add with ease your IP controllable devices.
    • •Create in just minutes your intuitive all-in-one interface.
    • •Add your activities with the new ‘scripts of control’ macro builder.
    • Display included with clear status feedback and ‘now playing’ information.
    • Add icons for favorite presets, zones, devices and commands.
    • Perfect look and feel with the flat IOS 7 panel.




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MyURemote: an easy concept with unlimited possibilities.

    • Advanced users can create their own interface
      • MyURemote is open source and uses a locally hosted web-based interface. This technique ensures fast communication, high performance and completly autonomous.
      • Create your own interface and change the app settings to point to your own URL.
      • MyURemote uses the most widely used communication protocol (http requests and socket communication).
      • Check out the developers website

mr. Fletcher: Highly customisable. ★★★★★ by l. fletcher – Version 1.6 – Dec 13, 2012





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