KNX Home control with Baos 771 & 772 gateway

The KNX IP BAOS 771 is used as interface to connect to KNX/EIB both on telegram level (KNXnet/IP Tunneling) and on data-point level (KNX Application Layer). BAOS stands for “Bus Access and Object Server”. This device can be used with ETS as a programming interface. As ObjectServer the device supports up to 250 data points. It is possible to connect to KNX/EIB-Bus (telegrams) as well as to data points (communication objects) via LAN and MyURemote.

Why MyURemote is the KNX app for you?

  • The way for anyone who’s looking for an easy and affordable way to use an iPhone / iPad or Android as home control is to combine MyURemote with a Baos EIB/KNX Gateway.
  • You decide how many sliders and buttons are needed to control all your lights, screens, curtains (including scenarios), etc…
  • You can control the objects divided into zones and each zone can provide an unlimited number of controls.
  • MyURemote receives live indications (e.g. status feedback) and visualises the status of every home object.
  • Create your own scenario’s using macro buttons (without a home server or any other expensive ‘smart’ device).
  • Combine home theater control and home control in one app.

What do you need?

  • MyURemote app
  • Home Network
  • Baos EIB/KNX-Bus interface (More about the suitable weinzierl products)
  • KNX domotics home control system



  • Use ETS software and do the IP settings as well as the data points for your Weinzierl BAOS gateway.
  • The domotics parameters are called  “datapunkt” (= related to the group adresses) you want to control or vizualise.
    Important: to receive a correct statusfeedback, and if you want to use the predefined KNX commands in your macro buttons you have to:
    – Use datapoints 1-40 for 1-bit group addresses.
    – Use datapoints 41-80 for 1-byte group addresses.
    – Use datapoints 81-160 for status feedback group addresses.
    – The desired format of the datapoint value for Dimmers is DPT5 8 Bit Unsigned Value!
    – The desired format of the datapoint value for Screens is DPT1 1 Bit (Boolean, up-down) and DPT5 8 Bit for status return!
    – Other datapoint formats (e.g. DPT17 for screens need to be stored from datapoint 161

  • Open the webbrowser and goto
  • Log in to your configuration.

Choose how you want to control your domotics interface:

Home control using Macro Buttons in the AV Interface.

  • Add the BAOS gateway to your devicesImage-1 (5)
  • Open the zone you want to add macro buttons and add the BAOS to the additional, non-visible devices.Image-1 (6)
  • Goto MACROS and add a new. Select the successive commands you want to send to your BAOS.Image-1 (7)
    Image-1 (8)b

Home control using the Domotics Interface.

  • Click on “My Controllers”, “Add controller”, select “Baos 771 KNX Home Control
  • The BAOS and your mobile should be connected to the same LAN. Enter the IP address of your BAOS in the controller settings.
  • If you don’t know know the IP of your BAOS you have to check the properties of the BAOS in ETS.
  • Goto the Settings tab, click on “My Tabs”. Edit your “Home control” tab or create one.
  • For each element, click “Add element”, enter label, element type and domotics parameter.

    Image-1 (2)

    domotica iPad


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