“MACRO’s ONLY” interface.

Some MyURemote users want a user’s interface with just a few buttons. This is how you can create such a simple GUI:


Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone XS Max - macro only

  • Open myuremote.com and click ‘configuration’.
  • Log in to your account
  • browse to https://www.myuremote.com/userconfig/pages/settings
  • click “MyZones” / select zone and click “edit” / Scroll down to the Special Zone selector and select “Macro’s only”




You have to create the Macro buttons you want to place on your “Macro’s Only page”. How: click here.
You can add 16 buttons on one interface:
The “sequence number in the macro list” determines also the position of the buttons on your :
eg. 12 is the first row, second column.
eg. 31 is the third row, first column.

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