How to use the relay port of my GC100?

This was a question I received from Alex:

“Hi MyURemote Support,

I have installed the MyURemote app and have successfully connected to my Global Cache GC100-12 controller.

I want to set up a Home Control zone to control a projector lift and screen which are connected to the relay port of my GC100, however, in the Extender Connection drop-down I only see ir and serial ports.

Please can you tell me how I can configure the app to access the relay port of my GC100?



Here is a Step By Step documentation how to configure MyURemote for contact closure usage:

  1. Add your GC100 Relay as device to your configuration: click My Devices, select Brand: Global Cache,  Device: Contact Closure GC100 and enter the IP address of your GC100. You may leave the Port blanco. enter a Label and SAVE.Contact Closure 1
  2. The Relays must always be be controlled via Function buttons you have to create via a Macro. First add the relay device to your zone: click My Zones, select the relevant zone and add the Relay Device as additional device.Relay2
  3. Last step is to create the Macro: click Advanced – Macros – Create new Macro – enter a label (fi “Relay Close”)Relay3


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